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Manhattan Microneedling specializes in the field of minimally invasive and non-invasive anti-aging skin treatments to optimize skin’s health. Your visit at Manhattan Microneedling will be safe, where you will find yourself in the hands of trusted professionals trained to provide each individual with tailord and customized advice.

Sandra Defilippi founder of Manhattan Microneedling

A registered professional nurse in New York and New Jersey with over ten years of experience in aesthetics. She has worked with doctors and premier medical spas in New York City where she has treated hundreds of clients including TV personalities, models, and Broadway actors. Sandra is certified in micro channeling infusion, chemical peels, and has extensively performed radiofrequency treatments, IPL for skin rejuvenation, micro needling, laser technologies, light energy therapies, and carboxy therapy among others. Sandra has also traveled and lived overseas, making her more understanding of different cultural needs and views of beauty. Sandra currently sees clients in NYC.

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