Beauty Tips For Younger Looking Skin

Prevention is always key:
Use antioxidants to provide protection from free radical damage. Free radicals continuously borrow electrons from their neighboring cells. This manifests as damage on the skin. While there isn’t one single miracle antioxidant, choose a product that combines an array of antioxidants for maximum protection, such as Image Skincare’s AC&E. Daily use can help protect your skin.

Sun block please:
While most of us want to achieve a “healthy tan”, newsflash, there’s no such thing. As a matter of fact, a tan is the skin’s way of trying to protect itself from the sun’s rays. Harmful UVA and UVB rays are responsible for premature aging and skin cancers. I cannot stress enough the importance of daily broad spectrum sunscreen use, even on rainy days and winter months.

Use Peptides:
Peptides are protein fragments, without them, the skin doesn’t remain resilient, and research has shown that peptides can help revitalize your skin. As always, don’t get wrapped up in one single ingredient, the key is to use a product with a cocktail of quality ingredients.

Wash your face:
Cleansing your skin at night is critical for maintaining your skin’s health. Pores need to be cleared to prevent acne and oil buildup. Cleansing regularly makes your skin more permeable to products, ensuring more efficacy.

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