What Causes Skin to Age

It’s really difficult to pinpoint what really causes aging. In general, genetics and lifestyle factors are responsible. We often hear the word AGE’s, short for advanced glycation endproducts.

These glycation endproducts, increase as we age, and they have a big impact on skin aging. They are a cause for some chronic diseases as well.

Asides from exacerbating skin conditions, they also increase skin wrinkling and stiffness, inflammation, sagging, and uneven skin tone.

Fortunately, there are ways to slow down the process. Simple lifestyle changes can help the body fight them off and prevent too many.

  • Cut down on sugars, like candy and cakes, which lead to glycation.
  • Choose the right kind of fats, such as olive oil and cold water fish to reduce inflammation and help maintain a strong skin barrier.
  • Protect your skin from the sun, by using SPF 30, daily, and use antioxidants like vitamin C and E, and collagen stimulating ingredients like retinoids.
  • Watch your alcohol intake.
  • Stay away from smoking! Not only does smoking deprive the skin from oxygen, but it creates more free radical damage.
  • Boost your antioxidant intake, such as berries, turmeric, and brightly colored veggies, avoiding smoked or highly processed foods.

And lastly but not least, simply follow a skin care routine.