Microneedling For Skin Rejuvenation And Prevention

Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment. Microneedling improves skin’s texture, and when performed properly, microneedling is safe and benefits skin. There are few microneedling devices, basically they work similarly, delivering similar results to one another.  Microneedling size is what determines extent of results. Let’s compare 0.5 and 1.0 mm microneedles.

0.5mm needle size:  If fine lines, mild scarring, and hyperpigmentation is your concern, then using this micro needle size is the right fit.  There is also added benefits of skin product absorption.

This is specially desirable when using prescription topicals. However, this holds true for any micro needles since micro channels are being created on the skin.  These are less painful than longer sizes. Numbing cream is usually not necessary.  Patients describe this microneedling length as “velcro” being rolled on their skin. Erythema will most likely be present post treatment, however, recovery time is approximately a day or two. Peeling and some dryness have also been reported as well.  This micro needle size can actually produce impressive results, however, it triggers  mild collagen production.  Therefore, six to perhaps ten treatments are required. There is minimal risk of pin point bleeding, this is normal.

1.0mm needle size: Just like other micro-needle lengths, the goal is to create micro injuries to the skin. In return, the body stimulates collagen and elastin which are the skin’s structural matrix, giving skin its resilience.  This reverses and prevents the signs of aging.  Micro needles work the same way lasers would, without heat (there is microneedling with radio frequency energy using heat, but this is not discussed here).  Applying numbing cream prior to 1.0mm microneedling treatments is necessary. Erythema on the skin will be more noticeable and may last a few days longer than 0.5mm treatments. As previously mentioned, outcomes will depend on micro needle size. Now let us recap the multiple benefits of microneedling:

* Reduces fine lines and deep wrinkles using the body’s own natural healing mechanism.

* Improves scars.

* Reverses hyperpigmentation and photodamage.

* Helps aging skin.

* Improves pore size appearance.

* Increases product absorption.

Just like other skin treatments, individual results vary, however, microneedling technique has been demonstrated to be highly effective in treating signs of aging and prevention.

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