Acne Scar Treatment
Acne Scar Treatments in NYC

Just about everyone in NYC has been affected with acne at one point or another. Scars and discolorations acne leaves behind, can make you self conscious about your skin. Here, I’ll review some acne scar treatments that can drastically reduce their appearance. Even though some acne scars are permanent, with…

Anti Aging Treatment
Anti Aging Treatments To Boost Collagen in Skin

Collagen gives our skin elasticity and flexibility, and our skin is made up of 70% collagen. Unfortunately, as we age, collagen production declines. Exposure to UV light furthers this process. The following anti aging treatments are ideal for correcting the skin and preventing further damage: *Injectables- such as Botox and…

Sunscreen: Protection For Your Skin

With the shivering cold winter months upon us, we would like to think that we are not exposed to sun and rays. Well, newsflash – aging causing UV rays are actually the same strength all year round, even on rainy days.

Microneedling News

Microneedling is an effective procedure for improving a variety of skin conditions. There are many techniques and devices currently in use. Microneedling can treat fine lines, pigmentation, acne, stretchmarks, scars, and skin texture. Also known as collagen induction therapy, microneedling isn’t limited to the face, it can also be used…

Botox In NYC – Erase Your Wrinkles

Botox, an approved brand of  neuromodulator, is used to temporarily improve appearance of dynamic wrinkles (caused by movement),  between the brows and crow’s feet. Its cosmetic approval for use in 78 countries, has made it a highly sought after wrinkle eraser. It has been safely used for over 20 years,…

Chemical Peels in NYC

Chemical peels utilize chemical solutions to penetrate the dermis to correct damaged cells, restoring a youthful and vibrant appearance. Scarring, texture, acne, and photodamage are improved after only a few sessions. Even though there are a few chemical peels available, at Manhattan Microneedling we utilize TCA and salicylic chemical peels.

Microneedling For Skin Rejuvenation And Prevention

Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment. Microneedling improves skin’s texture, and when performed properly, microneedling is safe and benefits skin. There are few microneedling devices, basically they work similarly, delivering similar results to one another.  Microneedling size is what determines extent of results. Let’s compare 0.5 and 1.0 mm microneedles….

Dermal Fillers in NYC – Enhance Your Natural Beauty

At Manhattan Microneedling our approach to dermal fillers targets aging, and  enhances your natural beauty. Dermal fillers describes treatment that restores volume to the face. Dermal fillers smooth fine lines, hollows, resulting in a more youthful look. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane attract moisture within the…

Beauty Tips For Younger Looking Skin

Use antioxidants to provide protection from free radical damage. Free radicals continuously borrow electrons from their neighboring cells. This manifests as damage on the skin. While there isn’t one single miracle antioxidant, choose a product that combines an array of antioxidants for maximum protection, such as Image Skincare’s AC&E. Daily use can help protect your skin.

Microneedling For Skin Rejuvenation

Micro needling treatment has been used in Europe for many years. Now, it has become very popular here in North America, for its efficacy on the skin, and it is here to stay. Microneedling uses tiny needles, ranging from 0.5 to 1.0 mm in length, to stimulate collagen. As the…

Glowing Skin Through Consumption Of Right Foods

Antioxidants in your diet is probably one of the best ways to get glowing skin, because your diet can reflect on your skin. Even though there are no miracle foods to make get glowing skin, the right nutrients, along with the right skin products, can help your skin protect itself,…

What Causes Skin to Age

It’s really difficult to pinpoint what really causes aging. In general, genetics and lifestyle factors are responsible. We often hear the word AGE’s, short for advanced glycation endproducts. These glycation endproducts, increase as we age, and they have a big impact on skin aging. They are a cause for some…